Youth Matters Disability and Behaviour Support Services is a behavioural intervention service provider that specialises in interventions that are based within the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) for individuals on the autism spectrum disorder or who have been diagnosed with other developmental disorders, particularly people who behave in challenging and aggressive ways which may place them at risk of harm to themselves and others and/or put them at risk of isolation from the community.

Our Focus

We are dedicated to bringing out the full potential of our clients, regardless of the behavioural difficulties they may face, from socialising and learning language to play and other functional living skills.


Our dedicated therapists and therapeutic care specialists focus on providing the skills, teaching environments and learning opportunities necessary to improve our the general wellbeing and quality of life of our clients.

Youth Matters is fully registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme and can provide services with funding from all support clusters.

Our Values

"We encourage and support CREATIVITY, both in our program development implementation and delivery.

We have a commitment to QUALITY in our support and management style.

We will ensure we are COMPETENT in all aspects of our work and in the delivery of our services.

We will act ETHICALLY at all times in all aspects of our work and in the delivery of our services.

We understand that issues and opportunities will have an impact on team members and clients, so we will be OPEN and HONEST with all concerned and equip those who will be affected to deal with change.

We will support and promote the principles of ABORIGINAL RECONCILIATION and CULTURAL DIVERSITY in the way we do business and provide support.

We recognise we are all on a journey and will value the opportunity to LEARN from each other and to apply REFLECTIVE PRACTICES to improve our relationships and operation."


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